Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas fun

We celebrated at our house again this year and had the best Christmas. We had so much fun watching Gracie open her presents and Ethan even had fun with the ribbons and bows. Bryan got some gourds from my mom and Ethan got lots of toys that make lots of noise. Gracie got her own pair of high heels, a purse and a cell phone so she is ready for her night out on the town.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ethan's first Christmas Party

We took Ethan to my office Christmas party this year. I was a little nervous about him protesting once his bed time approached, but I put him in the sling and he ended up falling asleep. He slept through most of the party!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ethan's surgery

Ethan made it through surgery yesterday and everything went well, even despite some confusion about the location of his surgery. His surgery ended up being slightly more complicated than his doctor originally anticipated, but it could not have gone better. He was sleeping in my arms when the nurse took him back and he woke up smiling and laughing. One nurse even said she would trade in her new dachshund puppy to take Ethan home instead, which we were told was quite a big offer. Today he was playing and laughing as if nothing had happened.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gracie and Ethan get to know each other

While Kristina, my mom and I were having our girls weekend, our boys hung out together and got some cute pictures of the kids together. Gracie thinks Ethan needs to have his paci all the time and helps him with it...so cute. I look forward to watching them grow up together and just hope they don't get into too much trouble.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am thankful for...

Ethan turned 6 months today! I am so grateful for his wonderful little life. Thanksgiving is next week and this year I have so much to be thankful for. This time last year Bryan and I had gone through several losses in our lives and could not yet realize how different and wonderful this year would be. I am looking forward to spending some time with our families during the holidays and hope that I can truly be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Best laid plans...

Well today didn't go exactly as planned and I learned that babies, even my sweet baby Ethan, have their own plans. Ethan was schedule to have his circumcision today(it was going to be a little more complicated due to a structural abnormality in his penis, and the ob/gyn wouldn't do it in the hospital when he was born). We stopped feeding him after midnight and arrived at the surgical center at 6 am. During his pre-op exam the nurse checked his vitals and he had a fever of 101.6. Anyone who knows Ethan knows his head always feels hot and they were taking his temp with the temporal (forehead) thermometer. We made the nurse take his temp 4 or 5 times to be sure. We had kept him out of daycare yesterday because several kids including Gracie had a stomach virus and until they took that temperature we had no idea he was sick. So because it was an elective procedure the doctor recommended postponing the procedure and we agreed. We packed up and left the surgical center and made a stop by our pediatrician's office where the temperature was confirmed and Ethan's doctor said he was the happiest sick kid he had seen but he would probably get worse in the next few days. So here we are, Ethan has been sleeping a lot today, which is very unlike him, and at least we have the weekend to take care of him. I guess we learned today that Ethan is going to do things when he wants to. Although we were disappointed to have to wait for Ethan to have his surgery, I am just thankful each day that we have a healthy happy baby.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our little pumpkin

Ethan couldn't really trick or treat this year, but I thought I would dress him up anyway. We did hand out candy, but Ethan wasn't really too excited about wearing his costume. I think he only wore it for 10 minutes before he protested enough for Bryan to rescue him. Maybe next year we can join cousin Gracie for some real trick-or-treating.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ethan's Baptism

We are so blessed to have wonderful friend and family, and that could not have been more apparent this weekend for Ethan's baptism. Doug and Jennifer are going to be wonderful godparents to Ethan. It was a really special day and we thank everyone who traveled so far to share in this special day.

Doug, Jennifer and Ethan

Chagolys and Callaways

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gig Em Aggies

Adrienne and Ethan

At least we did well during the first half...and the band was great!

Bryan and Ethan

Adrienne, Bryan, Ethan, Doug, Elliot, Jennifer

We had a great weekend in College Station. We stayed with Doug's parents who were gracious enough to take care of Ethan and Elliot while we went to the game and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Even though our Aggies lost it was still fun to go to a game and see our college friends. Elliot is so cute, he is 8 months old and already crawling and pulling himself up.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ethan and Jackson

Ethan and I are hanging out at the house on my day off and I was trying to get some video of him laughing, but as soon as I start filming he immediately gets quiet. So I decided to take some pictures instead. I was thinking about Anne's pictures of her kids at different ages in the same chair and what a great way that was to see how they are growing. When you see them everyday you don't always realize just how quickly they are growing. I remembered that when Ethan was only 2 or 3 weeks old Bryan wanted some "action shots" of him, but since he wasn't really doing much at 2 weeks we decided to incorporate Jackson on the couch (his favorite spot for about 23 hours a day), and he became our backdrop. Jackson has been so good with Ethan, he likes to investigate him by smelling his head and seems concerned when Ethan cries. Ethan hasn't gotten any slobbery kisses from Jackson yet, but I'm sure he'll get one any day now when he least expects it.
Here is one of Ethan and our first baby, Jackson, at about 2 weeks, and again at 4 1/2 months.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mmmm....rice cereal

Here's some pictures from Ethan's first "meal." He wasn't too excited about the rice cereal and only ended up eating a spoon or two. He does like a little in a bottle, so we are giving him some once a day for now.

We also made our first trip out to the farm to visit my family. We had fun sitting out on the swing, feeding the goldfish, watching Gracie run around the yard and throw dirt on herself, and eating good food (thanks mom...don't let anyone question the quality of your cooking).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

4 month check up

Ethan had his 4 month check up yesterday and all is going well. He is in the 50th percentile for height at 24 inches but still in the 5th percentile for weight at 11 lbs 2 oz. He's gaining at a steady rate though. Our pediatrician gave us the ok to start some solids, so we will be trying some rice cereal tonight. He's making lots of noises now and showing us more of his personality every day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bryan's 30th Birthday

Bryan's birthday party was great and we thank everyone who joined us. Bryan got some Hungarian wines and a Playstation 3, so Ethan and I may never see him again! Heather and Dom brought their beautiful baby girl, Brooklyn. She is so cute and has so much hair! I think Steve may have met a formidable opponent when it comes to telling politically incorrect jokes. Shelly, the wife of one of Bryan's co-workers, is one of the funniest women I know and the jokes she and Steve told included topics from Michael Jackson to incestuous rednecks. We had a great weekend thanks to our wonderful family and friends.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God bless single moms

Ethan and I can't wait for Byran to get home from his conference tomorrow. I've been a "single mom" this week and boy is it tough. I really admire moms who do this all the time. I wasn't really on my own though, I had help from my sister and couldn't have made it without her. We stayed with Kristina and Steve for two days. Ethan started daycare this week and Kristina dropped him off in the morning so I could go to work. He will be in a woman's home with about ten other kids including his cousin Gracie. He did well on his first day, although apparently he likes to be held...alot. I don't know where he got that from.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The adventures of Ethan and Adrienne...or why I shouldn't be left home alone

Ethan and I slept well last night after a crazy Saturday. Apparently I can't be left home alone! Byran left for New York City on Friday for a work conference. He left a few days early to have some fun. He enjoyed eating at some hole in the wall places in Chinatown with our friend Chris. He has to do this without me since I'm not a fan of eating stray cat and dog.
Anyway, I'm home alone with Ethan for the first time and I usually get a little paranoid and anxious the first night alone. I only lived by myself for six months before Bryan and I got married so I'm not used to all the quiet. So to make myself feel more secure I make sure I lock all the doors, even the one to our bedroom. The door to the backyard has two locks, one on the deadbolt and one on the doorknob, now usually we only lock the deadbolt, but I decided to lock them both. We made it through the night and the next morning Ethan was a little fussy so I decided to walk around in the backyard for a few minutes to calm him down. Mission accomplished, as usual he calmed down and we could go about our day...except that it might be a little hard since we were locked out of the house!
I realized when I walked outside I had unlocked the deadbolt, but not the doorknob lock. Apparently the door will open from the inside when it is still locked...who designs a lock like this???? After checking all the doors and windows (even though I knew I had locked them all the night before) I started thinking about my options...break a window, call a locksmith or call my sister who has a key. I decided to call my sister, Kristina, but of course I didn't have my phone, so with the clothes I had slept in on, including no bra and no make-up on, I walked over to a neighbor's house to use the phone. I could only remember two numbers (Bryan and my mom) since I don't have to because they are stored in my cell phone. After calling my mom we waited at the neighbor's house and I prayed Ethan wouldn't poop since I didn't have any diapers and could make without getting hungry although I am breastfeeding, so if needed I could sit in the backyard and feed him. My mom relayed what I had done and Kristina, Steve, Gracie and Scooter came to our rescue. My dad ended up coming over to help with Ethan and we all went out for lunch. For a day that started with being locked out of the house it turned into a great day with my family and one that I will look back and laugh about and one day tell Ethan about what his crazy mother did. Thanks again to my wonderful family who saved the day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day, Bath Time and Big Boy Clothes

We had an easy going Labor Day this year. On Saturday we had fun at Kristina and Steve's place hanging out and eating regular sized burgers. On Monday Kirk and his daughter Julia came over to swim and our college friend Eray stopped by to beat Bryan at playing pool and hang out by the pool. Where did the summer go?

Between the two of us and my dad Ethan may be traumatized by the flash of the camera when he's older, but he is changing so fast that we want to capture each and every moment. Ethan loves bath time, especially splashing water all over his dad.

Ethan likes to look nice when we go out and about on the town. Ok, ok so maybe these clothes are still a little big for him...he is 10 lbs now, but he just looked so cute in them. Bryan though he looked like a vato...he is part mexican! We were just honoring our heritage.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bye Bye 20s...Hello 30s

Well its official, I'm old. I celebrated my 30th birthday last week with my wonderful family. I already have the best present ever, my son Ethan, so I enjoyed a low key birthday this year. Some good food at Benihana, ice cream cake and precious time with my family. Who could ask for anything more! Where has the time gone? For Bryan and I this year was our high school 10 year reunion and in December we will have been married for 7 years. Of course we started our family and are both busy nurturing our careers. Thanks to my mom and dad, Kristina, Steve, Gracie, Bryan and Ethan for making my day so special.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to the real world for Adrienne...sort of.

After just over 2 months at home with Ethan, it was time for me to return to work. Fortunately I have a great boss and a great husband who have allowed me to work part time. Although it has been tough, going back to work has been a good thing for me. I love my job and the people that I work with so going back to work has been fun. Plus Ethan is being spoiled by his Mimi and Papi while I am at work so I know he is in good hands. But of course I really enjoy my days off with Ethan. Everyone says they grow so fast and I am learning that first hand. He has changed so much in only 3 short months. I'm so glad I'm here to experience some of those wonderful once in a lifetime moments. For instance, Ethan started rolling over a little over a week ago...he'll try anything to avoid "tummy time." I think he may have beaten Gracie on this one, but we will have to defer to the judges!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All dressed up

We got dressed up and went to lunch with Mimi and some of her friends. Bryan thought he looked like Andre 3000 and aunt Kristina thought he was ready to play golf. Ethan decided to spit up (one of the few times he does) after this picture was taken. I think he was ready for some more comfortable clothes.

Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July Fun!

Callaway's lake house on Lake Palo Pinto

Ethan and Gary nap after a big lunch.

Anita, Ethan and Kaden

Gary and Cynthia Callaway and Ethan

This year we were invited to the Callaway's lake house for the 4th. We traveled to Gordon, TX and enjoyed lake Palo Pinto. Cynthia and Gary (Bryan's aunt and uncle) hosted a great weekend. Bryan enjoyed wake boarding, riding on the jet ski, swimming and playing with the kids. Ethan and I enjoyed relaxing by the water and napping. There was lots of great food and good fun. Ethan met some of his cousins for the first time...I think he and Kaden will have fun in the future playing together.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kristina's Birthday

Ethan meets Mormor.
Gracie and Kristina enjoy some birthday cake.

Pool Time

Ethan's first afternoon by the pool...maybe next time he'll get in. We've discovered he loves to be outside.

Jackson even got in the pool for a little while.

Gracie loves to play with her uncle Bryan.