Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ethan Turns One

Ethan's first birthday was Saturday, which is still a little hard for me to believe. Although the week before his birthday was a little stressful, it was all worth it! We had originally planned to have a pool party, but the weather had a different plan. It began pouring down rain at 3 o'clock when his party was supposed to start. I can't thank all of our friend and family who braved the weather and came to celebrate Ethan's big day. The kids had fun running around the house and playing with Ethan's toys and the adults had fun playing Guitar Hero and drinking Bryan's world famous margaritas. Ethan really made out great with lots of really loud toys, one of which was a payback for a gift that Gracie got for Christmas (guess I will have to think about future presents a little more closely). He wasn't too excited about his cake but did manage to get icing all over his face and clothes.

What a year we have had and how far we have come. Ethan says a few words now (mama, dada, hi and bye). We are still waiting on teeth, but he can eat regular food, in fact carne guisada, rice, beans and guacamole are among his favorites. Oh yeah, and crackers too, no meal is complete without at least a few crackers. He is cruising around and has taken a few steps recently. I am so excited to see Ethan continue to grow and can't wait for what this year will bring.

Opening gifts

He really enjoyed the wrapping paper

Thanks for the really loud train Dr. Alamia

Yum...chocolate cake

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Babies love pizza

Ethan is starting to show is us more of his personality these days, particularly during meal time. He is becoming pickier about what foods he likes and of those foods half of the time he wants to feed himself. He doesn't really like some of the usual kid favorites like mac and cheese or applesauce, but give him baked fish, guacamole or carne guisada and he's in heaven. Last week after he didn't want peas, carrots, or mixed fruit (which is usually a hit) he got a few bites of pizza. He was so excited, he though it was the greatest thing!