Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Trarantula

 This was in our yard...thanks to Popi for spotting it.
 "Hey, guess what...we just caught a huge tarantula."
 Like father, like son.
 "Popi, what should we do with our tarantula? Maybe we should take it inside the house."
 Look at our new pet.

 Bug catchers!

 Right, so there is no way I'm letting a tarantula into my house, so I sent the boys off to set if free....far away from the house.

 Returning from setting the tarantula free.

Emma's Baptism

 Proud Grandparents

 Emma's godparents, Chris and Rebecca Wurtz.  They flew all the way from New York City for her baptism.
 This is my favorite picture of my sweetie pie.
 Emma loves her godparents.  They will be parents to a little boy in a few short months.
 Auntie Kristina and cousin Gracie.

Emma Marie

Monday, February 14, 2011

Farewell friend

Last week we said goodbye to Jackson, our 9 year old doberman pincher.  Although we knew this day would come, it came quickly and unexpectedly.  In fact Ethan, Emma,  Jackson and I would take our last walk together just a few hours before he died. 
He was our baby before we had our human babies.  He was loving and gentle.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous about getting a doberman when Bryan first suggested this breed.  However, one look at this cute little face and all my reservations went out the window.  We got Jackson a few months after we were married.  Although he looked mean to those who didn't know him he was a gentle giant who loved snuggling on the couch (and even in bed, when Bryan wasn't around).  As our family expanded Jackson happily welcomed Ethan and most recently Emma with curious sniffs and warm kisses.
For now we are left with a big empty spot on the living room floor and an even larger empty spot in our hearts.